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Superman Collectors News

The Super Suit Sells
Recently, Christopher Reeveís costume from Superman III  flew away at auction for $14,340. Although it's not one of the more highly regarded entries in the Superman movie canon, Superman III features one of the Man of Steel's most memorable movie moments in which he is turned evil by synthetic Kryptonite. He eventually splits into two distinct beings, his corrupt doppelganger and mild-mannered Clark Kent, and the two battle each other to the death in a junkyard. This costume, a slightly darker-colored version of the Super-suit, was worn by Reeve in scenes featuring him as the evil twin.

Photo & information courtesy Heritage Auction Galleries, Dallas, Texas.

Most Important Comic Book Ever Published Sold
The Holy Grail of comic book collectors is the Action Comic No. 1 which features the first appearance of Superman. In May, a copy of this hallowed comic was sold for $65,725 by Heritage Auction Galleries of Dallas. Superman spawned many imitators, and the character's runaway success established DC Comics as one of the top publishers, a status it has never lost. This first Superman story, written by Jerry Siegel and drawn by Joe Shuster, also briefly tells the origin of the character. Demand for this comic could is high, and the supply is low.

Most surviving unrestored copies are in poor condition and fairly unattractive. This copy was professionally restored, and the price paid for it reflects the demand for this rare comic book.

(Photo, courtesy Heritage Auction Galleries, Dallas.)

Superman Trivia

Stay Away From Serbia, Superman
Look out, Superman, miners in Serbia have discovered kryptonite, the substance that robs the Man of Steel of his powers. Once notified of this new substance made of sodium lithium boron silicate hydroxide, scientists and researchers in London and Canada were shocked to discover that it has nearly the same chemical makeup of kryptonite as it is described in the movie, Superman Returns. That is, it had all the elements except for fluorine. So you could perhaps consider this kryptonite light.

This kryptonite is not green, however, and it does not glow naturally like the element deadly to Superman. But under an ultraviolet light, it does glow a pinkish-orange color. This version of kryptonite is white, though, and as fans know, there is a white kryptonite. It isnít harmful to Superman, but it does kill all plantsóin the comic books, that is. (No need to spread hysteria just now.)

Hereís a trivia question for you:  how many different types of kryptonite are there?

If you know the answer, you know that different colors had different effects on Superman. Green, of course, weakens and can kill him. Other colors make him act unpredictable (red), take away his powers permanently (gold), and are harmless to him but deadly to Super Bizzaros (blue). So the answer is five.

According to scientists, about 30 to 40 new minerals are discovered each year. So whatís next, flubber?

Now that kryptonite has been discovered in Serbia, Iím sure Superman is keeping an eye on Lex Lutherís travel plans.


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