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Horton a huge hit with kids of all ages

The Dr. Seuss animated film "Horton Hears A Who" was released in theaters March 14, 2008 and was a huge hit. This Dr. Seuss movie raked in a whooping $45 million plus it's first weekend.

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

March will be a great time for Dr. Seuss fans. Dr. Seuss would have celebrated his 104th birthday March 2, 2008. So Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss and thanks for all the great stories and fun characters. I must admit that Horton is one of my favorites, based simply on the fact he's cute. I mean WHO (no pun intend) can resist a cute kind hearted elephant that simply wants to help a speck of dust. So for others that enjoy Horton, you'll certainly be delighted with the new animated feature "Horton Hears a Who'", to be released this month. So as you can tell this will be a fun month for Dr. Seuss fans.

Dr. Seuss Fun Facts: Did You Know?

Troy Loves Ya, Dr. Seuss
One of the greatest football players of all time, Troy Aiken, lists Dr. Seuss books as his childhood favorites. Aikman began playing football for the University of California and eventually led the Dallas Cowboys to three Super Bowl championships. In his first Super Bowl in 1992, he was named most valuable player - not bad after starting his professional football career three years earlier.

Aikman retired in 2001 after suffering many concussions during his 12-year career. Since then, he has worked as a TV commentator for FOX TV.

Along with Aikman, most can agree that Dr. Seuss was one of the best.

The sun did not shine
It was too wet to play.
So we sat in the house
All that cold, cold wet day.

We looked!
Then we saw him step in on the mat!
We looked!
And we saw him!
The Cat in the Hat!

Theodor Seuss Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss, began his career as an obscure editorial cartoonist in the 1920s. He passed away not long ago, but he will never be forgotten for his zany stories that made us all - including the Grinch - smile.



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